Teresa Mazza, AuD

Teresa Mazza,  AuD

Dr. Mazza was raised in Kansas where she received her doctorate in audiology from Wichita State University.  She moved to Ada in 2012, bringing her experience in both adult and pediatric audiology to the Landrum ENT team.  In addition to dispensing hearing aids, Dr. Mazza creates custom ear molds/hearing protection and evaluates and treats tinnitus and dizziness.  When she's not seeing patients, Dr. Mazza enjoys spending her free time with her husband and children on their family farm just outside of Ada.

At LandrumENT, we provide comprehensive services related to the prevention, evaluation and rehabilitation of hearing impairment and the assessment of dizziness or other balance problems.

Exposure to loud sounds whether through work or play is now the main cause of hearing loss.  We offer education, counseling and custom designing hearing protection for anyone who is consistently exposed to loud noises such as hunters, musicians and construction workers.
Our audiologist perform comprehensive hearing evaluations to determine the type and level of your hearing loss. She then reviews your medical history, and discusses your lifestyle and hearing needs before creating the individualized plan that's right for you.
Hearing aids or other assistive listening devices are typically the gold standard for treating hearing loss.  We not only offer a wide range of options, but specialize in the proper fitting, servicing and repair of your hearing aid throughout its lifetime.

Audiometric Hearing:

We offer comprehensive hearing evaluations as well as hearing screenings.  Hearing testing is completed using state of the art equipment to test the function of the auditory system for patients from infancy through adulthood. 

Adult Audiometric testing:  Audiometry is used to determine the presence, type and degree of hearing loss.  Hearing is tested with pure tones presented through air conduction and using  various speech tests using earphones to obtain ear specific information.  Bone conduction testing may be used to determine the type of hearing loss.  Pure tone testing determines the softest sound that can be heard at various frequencies, often referred to has hearing threshold.  Speech testing includes repeating words presented at various loudness levels to determine a speech threshold and repeating a list of words at a comfortable volume to assess speech understanding. 

Pediatric Audiometric testing: Children’s hearing may be tested with the use of a Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA) or Conditioned Play Audiometry (CPA).   VRA is commonly used with children as young as 6 months of age.  The child is trained to look toward the sound source and is rewarded with visual reinforcement.  CPA can be used as early as 2 years of age.  The child will be taught to respond each time a sound is heard by dropping a block or putting puzzle pieces together.  This makes the testing process fun and allows the audiologist to determine if hearing loss is present.